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I’m back

Hello! I have not written anything here at the blog for weeks. But now I feel it’s the time to make some drawings and new stories for you. Maybe some music and videos and stuff. Enjoy!

Unfortunately I’m unemployed now, so that’s why I have had some struggle and havn’t been able to post anything new. But it will be fine. Soon or later.


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Thanks for everything

I’s not much time left to 2023! I wish all my followers and all people of the world a happy new year! I want to thank you all for some thing.

First of all, I want to thank all my new followers, both on this blog, but especially on my Youtube Channel. I created it a year ago, or a little bit more actually. Between the start in december last year, and till the middle of October, the channel reached just 19 000 views and 45 subscribers. But from that day until today, the channel have passed 80 000 views, and 214 subscribers! That’s amazing and only thanks to one video. This one.

Unfortunately, almost no other video has been noticed, but in the year 2023, I will try to boost some other, new material, find my thing and make my channel grow even more.

I also want to apologize for all the changing on this blog and all the lack of updates and quality material. My promise to all my followers is to make a better year in 2023. Not all these changes. First I am going to publish on sptofy and then I woll not post on Spotify. I don’t think you guys like that.

I also wanna thank the people around me. I am so thankful for my new practic job. Later I got employed on the company and no I will get rid of that low income. My first real sallary will change my life for real. I am so thankful for my working place, which made me develop socially and in all other levels, even If I have been going through both mental ilness and other struggles in my private life.

No I am almost fully recovered from these months of depression and hypomania. I actually look forward to return to work on tuesday. I havn’t looked forward to my working place as much as I do now, in a long, long time.

And I want to thank my friends, some of them new friends, and family for all the support I have got through this tough year. But the year ended in the bes possible way. No I have a real job, I real sallary, I pay taxes and I have lost several pounds in just a month or something. Thank you all for everything. I look forward to see what 2023 has to offer me! Everything is going to be allright soon! I know that!

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Hi There

I know I’ve not published so much on my blog lately. It’s because I am focusing on my job and the writing of my book. I am also sick leaved since monday, so I only work 50 percent. That is because of my bipolar disorder, which made me crack up and start crying at work in monday this week. So I am working halftime now. It’s getting better and I am taking new medicine temporarily to make this hypomania dissapear.

But there are some good news. From the 1st of December I will be employed. And my goal is to be fit for fight to work a full time again. It might take shorter or longer time. I don’t know. But my health is important. But getting employed at my birthday might be the best birthday present ever. It was also exactly a year ago I was denounced from my last job. The 1st of december 2021. I hope next year will work out better for me and that my mental health will be better as soon as possible.

And another thing! At midnight Swedish time, the new episode of “Politik Skit” will come out. Hope you enjoy it!

Yes, this is me. Fat and full of pimples. But at least I shaved. Have a great evening.
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Corona and writing

I just made a test and it showed that I am corona positive. That’s sad, because now I have to be at home from my work. But I will use my time to write more, draw more and create more music. I’ve just finished some chapters in a short time. But let’s be honest, I cheated a bit by copy-pasting parts from the old version. But still. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Work in progress

Last week was good at work. I had no stress and it was not boring at all. I’ve started to learn to be here and now and not stress or have performence anxiety anymore. Now I just have to continue with my writing spirit and write a lot every day so I can enjoy my job more instead of longing home all the time.

I’ve also started with an illustration or painting, drawing or what you wanna call it. The picture is related to my novel. As you can see, it is far from finished. But what do you think so far? Give your opinions in the comment section.

Have a great evening.