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Training without eraser

I’ve realized I’m not really that good at painting realistic that I thought I am. Therefore I should develop my own style with a more cartoonish appeal. I have always had a complex for my overuse of eraser. I think it’s cheating and a proof that I am not a good artist. But’ve actually started practising to draw without eraser. Here are some results. What do you think? I am new to this, therefore they are not as good as the others. Please comment, share and subscribe. <3

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New Drawings on the way

Hello there! Here are some new drawings. They are not finished as you can see, but I work on them from time to time but it will take a while to finish them. What do you think about them? Give some comments.

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Art Slideshow

My art is going slowly. Due to several other projects my blog and my art have been glowing with it’s abcense. But now I have at least made a slideshow of my favorite drawings. It’s in 4K so the video might be a bit tricky to watch if you have no good Internet connection.

I’ve made similar videos before but this is the latest. What do you think? Pick your favorite! It’s my music in the background btw.


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The Art Of Maps

As you may have noticed by now, I love creating maps. And I have a new, more comfortable teqnique to create them. I only make the continents and rivers first and scan them into the computor. The maps are made on 3 to 4 different papers. In the computor I cut the different parts together, color the waters and the landmasses and then the fun stuff begins.

I draw all the details by themself, scan them in and deleting the background. After that process I can drag the details and place them on the map however I want. In this video I show you all the work behind. And no, my map is not ready yet. It will expand and develop with more mountains, forests, cities and country names. Here it is then.

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Finally some new sketches

I’ve made some sketches actually. Not many, but I am planning to do more. Here’s a little collection of the new ones.

This is the old Swedish comedian and musician Povel Ramel. He made quite funny music in the 50s and 60s and my father introduced him to me when I was very young.

From the left, Bilan Osman, Magnus Esser Bengtsson and Christopher Gummesson from the podcast “Jökungen”. Check them out on Facebook and Youtube.

Jökungen on Facebook

Jökungen on Youtube

A dear friend of mine. She’s a muslim with hijab, so I decided to make a quite daring drawing of her as a superheroine. Her hijab is following her like a long tail when she travels fast.

The former Iraqi president, the Kurd Jalal Talabani, died in 2017. On this photo he strangles his son Bafel Talabani for his treachery in Kirkuk 2017. The text in the speaking bubble is saying “You are not my son” in Kurdish.

Hope you like them. But please come with feedback, both good and bad, as long as it is constructive. Have a great weekend! Bye!

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Short Message

Concerning drawings…

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Last part of sketches

First of all, I would like to inform all of you that all my blog posts also will be posted on Facebook, not just the blog. I will also post several posts two times, one in Swedish and one in English. This will reduce the errors of the blog, so I don’t have to tanslate everything manually, with a program that ruins the pages layout and makes in slowly. So from some time, no translation will be available. Instead I will offer you two versions of the pages on the blog, Swedish and English. Even the posts themself will be in both Swedish and English. WARNING: Not for the old posts. Not yet. Hehehe. OBS. I have no deadline when this will be complete, because it will take a long, long time.

Well, straight to the point. Here comes the last of my collection of drawings I announced some days ago. As before, I will explain them to you. Enjoy!

Failed aquarelle painting of Erine, my main caracter in my temporary cancelled book.

Joakim, the other mainrole in the same novel.

Old and quite bad version of my two friends. The second attempt as seen in the earlier post, was much better, I think.

The friend I draw in swimsuit before. Here she is again, but with a little more clothes on. Here she have a dress. She likes dresses I’ve noticed. So I made this for her before the swimsuit version.

I don’t know who the hell this guy is, but he surely looks quite cool. Well, no he don’t because I’m not satisfied, but my idea was good.

I love this type of trees. Their roots and bumps and all the holes that tells the story of a very old tree. Their roots are climbing like a pit of snakes on the wooden hills and cliffs, perfect for a good adventure story.

Here’s another example of these mahestic lifeforms. Trees!

Some random dark tower. I don’t know which in my book, but it surely could be put somewhere.

A dragon wing. Supposed to be put together with other details of a dragon, in the computor. But I laid it at rest, as usual.

And here is the dragon’s fase that I made for the wings.

That would be all for today. Peace! <3

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More sketches.

I told you I would upload part two some day. So here it is then. Before I continue, I will just like to share with you the latest news. I will start use this blog more frequently for drawings, videos, music and stories of all kind. This is my moment to shine.

But what have happened beside all that? Well. Since I got my new job, I feel a lot more happy and satisfied about my life. The last job was turning into a disaster, so I couldn’t care less for being denounced from that place. This new job, which most people might consider very boring, I enjoy quite much. The job is okay. But it’s the colleagues that makes it. The first two weeks I was so nervous, but now the last week, I finally got comfortable with my new crew and all that.

The job is located in my home village, Tyringe, and the train communication is actually better than in the last job. Before, I had to go up from bed at 05:30. Now, I can go up 06:00. It’s a perfect located place. it is much closer to the grocerry store, which in one way is not very good, because then I have the ability to feed by sugar addiction even more. So I really have to fight to get rid of this addiction now. However, it’s good that the shop is there, so I actually HAVE TIME to go there before the break is over. But only if I have a really serious abstinence problem. If not, I must live with my serious apethite for sweets.

But now for the drawings, right? Here they are. Maybe I’ll post even more parts of this gallery some other day, because they are quite numerous.

One of my very nice friends. Her name is Bilan Osman. She was a reporter of the Swedish anti-racist magazine called Expo. They are phenomenal in their reports about racist, nazist, and antisemitic organisations and attotudes in the society. But now Bilan is a opinion writer and debater at the left wing newspaper ETC, and she also have a Youtube channel and a podcast together with Magnus Esser Bengtsson and Christopher Gummesson. They call it “Jökungen” and together they debate different and current news and topics of the society. Some days they invite famous political figures from left to right. You should check them out at

Jökungen on Facebook

Turkish Dictator Erdogan. Oops, I do not support him.

A friend of mine. I got the idea when we talked about that she should rule all of Sweden. She is okay with me that I post this. No names needen.

A Swedish older Immigrant having a break outside his tobacco and grossery shop. The sign says: “Baba’s Tobacco and Grossery.” Baba is a common name for “dad” or “father” in quarters with lot of immigrants. “Baba” is not only used as “father”. Older immigrants are often called “baba” by the younger immigrants. It’s not an insult, but just like “Mr”.

A quite provocative sketch of my friend, which want to remain anonymous. I produce music together with her and I asked if I could do a sexy image of her imagined as an artist performing our music in her stage costume.

Trees and leaves. How wonderful!

Rex Nalkar, the headhunter with the black mask.

That’s all for today folks! In the next week, I’ll post the third and last part of my gallery! Peace!


I have changed my mind

I just wanna thank you all for all the support and nice words I have received the last days! Therefore, I will continue with my art and drawing, not for others approval, but for my self. But I will also try my best to develop so I can improve my skills even more. Have a great summer and weekend, fellows!

Well, this was the painting that broke my heart. Everybody thought it was too bad to work as a book cover. And they might be right. Most important is stat I will never let criticism break me. I will use it to get better.

Peace! <3

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I quit

Since everybody who is not my friends and family, thinks all my paintings and illustrations are terrible, ugly and bad, I will now quit with all form of drawing, sketching and all my painting and focus on my writing instead. I will never draw again and you will not see any more art from me.

Off course, i will save all the stuff I’ve already made, so here’s a little collection of some of the junk I’ve made.