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Art Slideshow

My art is going slowly. Due to several other projects my blog and my art have been glowing with it’s abcense. But now I have at least made a slideshow of my favorite drawings. It’s in 4K so the video might be a bit tricky to watch if you have no good Internet connection.

I’ve made similar videos before but this is the latest. What do you think? Pick your favorite! It’s my music in the background btw.


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It’ll take it’s time

There might be some new drawings some time. But not for now. I will explain down here. Would you like more of these vlogs? Well, you will not be dissapointed. More will come.

Art Books Fantasy

The book cover is complete

The book cover is now complete! What do you think about it?


I have changed my mind

I just wanna thank you all for all the support and nice words I have received the last days! Therefore, I will continue with my art and drawing, not for others approval, but for my self. But I will also try my best to develop so I can improve my skills even more. Have a great summer and weekend, fellows!

Well, this was the painting that broke my heart. Everybody thought it was too bad to work as a book cover. And they might be right. Most important is stat I will never let criticism break me. I will use it to get better.

Peace! <3

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I quit

Since everybody who is not my friends and family, thinks all my paintings and illustrations are terrible, ugly and bad, I will now quit with all form of drawing, sketching and all my painting and focus on my writing instead. I will never draw again and you will not see any more art from me.

Off course, i will save all the stuff I’ve already made, so here’s a little collection of some of the junk I’ve made.


Art Fantasy

My Latest Art

These are some of my latest drawings. Which one do you prefer? The covers are supposed to be the poster to my fantasy novel. What do you think about them?


Made some edits

You all recognice it for now, but have you noticed something different with this picture?