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Work in progress

Last week was good at work. I had no stress and it was not boring at all. I’ve started to learn to be here and now and not stress or have performence anxiety anymore. Now I just have to continue with my writing spirit and write a lot every day so I can enjoy my job more instead of longing home all the time.

I’ve also started with an illustration or painting, drawing or what you wanna call it. The picture is related to my novel. As you can see, it is far from finished. But what do you think so far? Give your opinions in the comment section.

Have a great evening.

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Writing Spirit

Today I’ve finished the second chapter on my new novel. However, the first chapter is still unwritten. I think it was at least one month ago that I wrote so much in a day, if not even more. I am very satisfied with what I’ve done this day and I look forward to write even more tomorrow. Have a great evening, folks! Now I am going to bed!

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Let the book begin

Today I started to write the first lines on my book. The weeks earlier I have written 17 pages of background material to my book. So now it begins. I am looking forward to do this. I really do. In the meantime I want to share some status with you all now.

I am sick. My caugh is back. Last time I suffered from serious caugh for five months. Now it has return. I hope it won’t last so long this time. Tomorrow I will try my best at work again and see if my new medicin works. It seems a little bit better npw, but not much.

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I’ve actually written something!

Finally! I have done something I havn’t done in a lpng, long time! I have written on the background for my book. I think I have to celebrate that with a little selfie, despite the terrible big pimple on my chin. I have also shaved myself. And it’s a miraacle that I didn’t cut of that pimple as well.

But anyway. Too much informatiom, there right. So here is the status. The turmoil at work is over. The different struggles and conflicts have been solved and I feel better that I’ve felt for months. Right now, I love my job, and the fact that my boss still want me there means much to me. A lot of bad things have happened and I realised I was screwed. So I got tired of all the drama and resigned.

My boss got troubled. We ordered a meeting, where my boss explained that he wanted me to stay and that he needed me there. That made me very happy. There I was, with panic attacks, stress and nervousity at night, believing that I wasn’t welcome at my new job, and the my boss say he want me there. So I stayed. I was so happy. So I continued to change my approache and my boss praised me a lot for the progress I’ve made. I look forward to next week. But tomorrow we are all free, because it’s Sweden’s national day.

At the same time, I have had a plan. My book is cancelled. I will rewrite it later. But first I have to create the world for my book to take place. I have finished the maps and will now continue with the background story of my book. All the thousands of years of history and important lore about my fictive world. Then I will start writing on the actual book.

And ooh, I also made a new blog layout. This little figure here, now covers the background of my blog. What do you think?

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Documents premiere

I will now launch the “Documents” page! Here you can download my unedited and candelled material that I’ve written throughout the years. I will add more and more documents soon. Enjoy it and take part of the UNEDITED raw material that was never before released! Peace!