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Utan inspiration

Funderar på att skriva min första berättelse helt utan inspiration från någonting. Åtminstone inte i början. Jag har tidigare nästan alltid sett en film eller spelat ett spel och blivit så fascinerad att jag ska göra något som är inspirerat av den filmen eller det spelet. Så jag ska så mycket det går försöka komma på en grund, en idé, helt från mitt eget huvud. Sedan kommer ju den utvecklas och jag kommer få inspiration från lite olika saker, men själva grundidén ska vara något jag kommit på helt utan influencer utifrån. OBS, att någon någonstans råkat göra något exakt likadant av en ren slump räknas inte, men kom gärna med tips på tillvägagångssätt. Och ibland kommer jag fråga i gruppen om det redan gjorts något liknande om det är okej. Jag vill testa mig fram.

Ha en fin helg på er!

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Art Slideshow

My art is going slowly. Due to several other projects my blog and my art have been glowing with it’s abcense. But now I have at least made a slideshow of my favorite drawings. It’s in 4K so the video might be a bit tricky to watch if you have no good Internet connection.

I’ve made similar videos before but this is the latest. What do you think? Pick your favorite! It’s my music in the background btw.


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The Art Of Maps

As you may have noticed by now, I love creating maps. And I have a new, more comfortable teqnique to create them. I only make the continents and rivers first and scan them into the computor. The maps are made on 3 to 4 different papers. In the computor I cut the different parts together, color the waters and the landmasses and then the fun stuff begins.

I draw all the details by themself, scan them in and deleting the background. After that process I can drag the details and place them on the map however I want. In this video I show you all the work behind. And no, my map is not ready yet. It will expand and develop with more mountains, forests, cities and country names. Here it is then.

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Corona and writing

I just made a test and it showed that I am corona positive. That’s sad, because now I have to be at home from my work. But I will use my time to write more, draw more and create more music. I’ve just finished some chapters in a short time. But let’s be honest, I cheated a bit by copy-pasting parts from the old version. But still. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Writing Spirit

Today I’ve finished the second chapter on my new novel. However, the first chapter is still unwritten. I think it was at least one month ago that I wrote so much in a day, if not even more. I am very satisfied with what I’ve done this day and I look forward to write even more tomorrow. Have a great evening, folks! Now I am going to bed!

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Finally some new sketches

I’ve made some sketches actually. Not many, but I am planning to do more. Here’s a little collection of the new ones.

This is the old Swedish comedian and musician Povel Ramel. He made quite funny music in the 50s and 60s and my father introduced him to me when I was very young.

From the left, Bilan Osman, Magnus Esser Bengtsson and Christopher Gummesson from the podcast “Jökungen”. Check them out on Facebook and Youtube.

Jökungen on Facebook

Jökungen on Youtube

A dear friend of mine. She’s a muslim with hijab, so I decided to make a quite daring drawing of her as a superheroine. Her hijab is following her like a long tail when she travels fast.

The former Iraqi president, the Kurd Jalal Talabani, died in 2017. On this photo he strangles his son Bafel Talabani for his treachery in Kirkuk 2017. The text in the speaking bubble is saying “You are not my son” in Kurdish.

Hope you like them. But please come with feedback, both good and bad, as long as it is constructive. Have a great weekend! Bye!

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Let the book begin

Today I started to write the first lines on my book. The weeks earlier I have written 17 pages of background material to my book. So now it begins. I am looking forward to do this. I really do. In the meantime I want to share some status with you all now.

I am sick. My caugh is back. Last time I suffered from serious caugh for five months. Now it has return. I hope it won’t last so long this time. Tomorrow I will try my best at work again and see if my new medicin works. It seems a little bit better npw, but not much.

Böcker Litteratur Skrivande

På rätt väg.

Känns skönt att vara igång med skrivandet idag. Är inne på historian nu. Skrivit tusentals år av historia på 14 sidor. Kartan blir bara bättre ju mer jag lägger till. Och i slutet ska jag också börja beskriva mina karaktärer som ska vara med i boken. Det känns väldigt bra. De var nog många år sedan jag hade så roligt när jag skrev. Med det sagt vill jag önska er alla en trevlig kväll! 🙂

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The Map is finished

I’ve made some adjustments of the world map, and I have to say I am very satisfied. Here is a little overview of the world, with my music in the background. Enjoy! OBS: The map are still in progress and might be updated part by part.

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The new maps

My new maps are much more simplistic and easier for the reader to understand. Hope you like it.