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Training without eraser

I’ve realized I’m not really that good at painting realistic that I thought I am. Therefore I should develop my own style with a more cartoonish appeal. I have always had a complex for my overuse of eraser. I think it’s cheating and a proof that I am not a good artist. But’ve actually started practising to draw without eraser. Here are some results. What do you think? I am new to this, therefore they are not as good as the others. Please comment, share and subscribe. <3

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New Drawings on the way

Hello there! Here are some new drawings. They are not finished as you can see, but I work on them from time to time but it will take a while to finish them. What do you think about them? Give some comments.

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Art Slideshow

My art is going slowly. Due to several other projects my blog and my art have been glowing with it’s abcense. But now I have at least made a slideshow of my favorite drawings. It’s in 4K so the video might be a bit tricky to watch if you have no good Internet connection.

I’ve made similar videos before but this is the latest. What do you think? Pick your favorite! It’s my music in the background btw.


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New Picture

Now you can use the Facebook comment section again. It seems to work now. Hope you will feel more safe while commenting now.

I have also made a new drawing. You know this Swedish documentare about prehistoric life?

Yes this one. That video is getting blocked on Youtube for copyright violation. So I will make all this drawings with dinosaurs to cover up the parts that are being blocked by Youtube. Here is the first one – a T Rex. What do you think?

Maybe I should make an English version of the documentary as well? What do you think about that?

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The Art Of Maps

As you may have noticed by now, I love creating maps. And I have a new, more comfortable teqnique to create them. I only make the continents and rivers first and scan them into the computor. The maps are made on 3 to 4 different papers. In the computor I cut the different parts together, color the waters and the landmasses and then the fun stuff begins.

I draw all the details by themself, scan them in and deleting the background. After that process I can drag the details and place them on the map however I want. In this video I show you all the work behind. And no, my map is not ready yet. It will expand and develop with more mountains, forests, cities and country names. Here it is then.

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Work in progress

Last week was good at work. I had no stress and it was not boring at all. I’ve started to learn to be here and now and not stress or have performence anxiety anymore. Now I just have to continue with my writing spirit and write a lot every day so I can enjoy my job more instead of longing home all the time.

I’ve also started with an illustration or painting, drawing or what you wanna call it. The picture is related to my novel. As you can see, it is far from finished. But what do you think so far? Give your opinions in the comment section.

Have a great evening.

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Finally some new sketches

I’ve made some sketches actually. Not many, but I am planning to do more. Here’s a little collection of the new ones.

This is the old Swedish comedian and musician Povel Ramel. He made quite funny music in the 50s and 60s and my father introduced him to me when I was very young.

From the left, Bilan Osman, Magnus Esser Bengtsson and Christopher Gummesson from the podcast “Jökungen”. Check them out on Facebook and Youtube.

Jökungen on Facebook

Jökungen on Youtube

A dear friend of mine. She’s a muslim with hijab, so I decided to make a quite daring drawing of her as a superheroine. Her hijab is following her like a long tail when she travels fast.

The former Iraqi president, the Kurd Jalal Talabani, died in 2017. On this photo he strangles his son Bafel Talabani for his treachery in Kirkuk 2017. The text in the speaking bubble is saying “You are not my son” in Kurdish.

Hope you like them. But please come with feedback, both good and bad, as long as it is constructive. Have a great weekend! Bye!

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Short Message

Concerning drawings…

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It’ll take it’s time

There might be some new drawings some time. But not for now. I will explain down here. Would you like more of these vlogs? Well, you will not be dissapointed. More will come.

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The Map is finished

I’ve made some adjustments of the world map, and I have to say I am very satisfied. Here is a little overview of the world, with my music in the background. Enjoy! OBS: The map are still in progress and might be updated part by part.