Thriller – Metal Cover

I’ve been working day and night with this instrumental Heavy Metal cover of Michael Jackson’s song, “Thriller”. Since the song is quite advanced with different melodies playing at the same time, it’s hard to make it sound good with distorted guitars. But I still think I it’s quite good. What do you think? Comment and share your opinions. <3

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Finally Some New Drawings

I havn’t drawn in a long time. The last years my drawing skills has decriesed dramaticly. The explenation is simple. I don’t draw as often ad I did before.

But sometimes I have made a little scetch or two. Here’s some of the material that I havn’t published yet. What do you think about it? Write in the comment sections and discuss about it.

Have a great day, my friends!

This is Frank Zappa, a legendary guitarist, singer, rock star and composer who was introduced to me by my father.

Me and my former colleagues.

This is a drawing of one of my friends. I didn’t draw the picture from a photo of her. I simply just draw a picture of how I imagined her at the beach. Yes, she knows about it, so it’s okay. She has seen it.

The since long gone Swedish writer Frithiof Nilsson “the Pirate.” He was from Scania, where I live, but nobody knew why he called himself “Pirate”. He wote the book “Bombi Bitt and I.” A novel that was dramatized fourty years later, with the movie “Bombi Bitt and I”, in which the Swedish and internationally recignized actor Stellan Skarsgård started his actor carrier. Stellan Skarsgård was born Scanic, just as me.

My own rune. I thought it should be my logotype but it tidn’t fit for a logotype, so I created another.

An illustration made by me, for one of my novels. But I wasn’t satisfied at all. But even if it failed, it has some form of charm and some fine elements to it.

This person needs no comment. Highly relevant in these days. Obs. I don’t sympathise with him.

Amira, the main character for my new novel I’ve started to work with.

Two former friends to me. Well, all the arabic speaking people will know their names but I’m still proud of the effort I’ve put to the arabic inscriptions.

There are many other scetches left, but I’ll save them for a later post. Have a great day, folks!

Peace, love and a great weekend!

Internet Musik Roligt

Cover släpps i april. Gissa vilken!

Tag varning, mina vänner! Den första april det här året kommer en mycket speciell cover, som några av er hört innan, att släppas på Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play och allt vad fan det nu heter.

Jag ansökte om rättigheterna till låten “Stink-Foot” via min distributionskanal Distrokid. “Zappa Family Trust.”, Frank Zappas familjeföretag som tog över efter hans död, godkände covern så att jag fick licens för att lägga upp min cover på deras låt. Det är en svensk översättning med en väldigt fri tolkning, både musikaliskt och textmässigt. Den heter “Fotsvett.” Ni kan spara den här i förväg. Enjoy!

Spara “Fotsvett” här:

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Short Update

Due to my unemployement, I have added a subscription wall to some of my content here on my blog. I am sorry, but I really nead some income now. So if you notice some videos, images or posts av hidden behind a subscription plan, maybe you should consider subscribing. It’s cheap, safe, fast and easy. Think about it.

And oh, my metal remix of Lady Gaga’s song Telephone was all in the wrong key, so I have changed it and corrected it from C minor to F minor. Check it out here. I wish all of you a nice weekend!


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Old Single out in March

My old song “Gustav Vasa – King of Sweden” has been re-recorded and will be released in the 5th of March 2022, under the name “Vasa.” Her’s a little preview of it.

Pre-save it in this link here.

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Telephone – Metal Remix

I’ve been working the whole day to create this remix and music video. You’ve probably heard Lady Gaga’s song Telephone. One of my favorites. I listened a lot to Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga before I discovered the epicness of Heavy Metal.

Now, in this cover, I have used the Acapella-version of the original song, and added metal instruments in the background. Check this out.


Konst Musik Språk

“Stink-Foot” på Svenska

Jag har hållit på non stop med den här covern i flera dagar. Originalet heter “Stink-Foot” och är en låt av Frank Zappa. Jag har skapat den instrumentala biten, skrivit översättningen så att den fortfarande rimmar och kommer så nära originaltexten som möjligt. Det är även jag som sjunger. Den här svenska versionen har jag, rent naturligt, döpt till “Fotsvett.” Den är också lite mer åt metal-hållet till skillnad från originalet som närmast kan beskrivas som progressiv rock.

Jämför gärna med originalet här:


En Hjältes Väg (Raubtier Cover)

Tack vare WordPress hjälpsamma supportteam så lyckades jag äntligen återställa den här låten till sitt ursprungliga format. Hoppas ni gillar den.


First Kill – Orchestral Cover

An orchestral cover I’ve made on “First Kill”, by Swedish Melodeath band Amon Amarth. Enjoy!

The original music video can be found here!

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Den Sista Striden – By Love And Anni

Today I finally finished the two year project written by my friend and collaborator Anni Naomi. She has a blog at

“Den Sista Striden” or, “The Last Battle” was originally written by Anni. She wrote the text and the song melody. I added the instruments and recorded my song. So here it is. Enjoy!

Please don’t forget to check out her page at