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Hi There

I know I’ve not published so much on my blog lately. It’s because I am focusing on my job and the writing of my book. I am also sick leaved since monday, so I only work 50 percent. That is because of my bipolar disorder, which made me crack up and start crying at work in monday this week. So I am working halftime now. It’s getting better and I am taking new medicine temporarily to make this hypomania dissapear.

But there are some good news. From the 1st of December I will be employed. And my goal is to be fit for fight to work a full time again. It might take shorter or longer time. I don’t know. But my health is important. But getting employed at my birthday might be the best birthday present ever. It was also exactly a year ago I was denounced from my last job. The 1st of december 2021. I hope next year will work out better for me and that my mental health will be better as soon as possible.

And another thing! At midnight Swedish time, the new episode of “Politik Skit” will come out. Hope you enjoy it!

Yes, this is me. Fat and full of pimples. But at least I shaved. Have a great evening.

Broken links

Seems like many of my links to my blog posts on my Facebook page were broken after I changed my domain from to

The links are now corrected with my new domain name

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Site name changed

I’ve changed my domain and website name back to will soon be out of the web.

Have a great weekend, folks!

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Comments solved

I am happy to announce that my problem with the comment section is solved. Or not even solved, because there was no problem so solve in the first place. All these Facebook comment plugins have been completely useless, due to the fact, that everyone already can comment on my page without registrating email or create an account. I just didn’t know it. Have a great weekend all of you! <3

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Let Me Think About It

I would like to ask you all! What would you like to see more of from my page? Please come with some feedback and ideas you think would make my page grow and my followers more interested.

Jag skulle vilja fråga er alla! Vad skulle ni vilja se mer av från min sida? Kom gärna med feedback och idéer som ni tror skulle få min sida att växa och göra mina följare mer intresserade.

Love you all!
<3 <3 <3

Älskar er alla!
<3 <3 <3

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New Blog Layout

I have now had a bit of struggle while re-organizing my website. Finally the website has a static homepage, called “Welcome”. The link to it is the same as the link to my website, In there you will find a link to the latest posts, the same as usual, which is also located in the menu under the title “Blog”. The link to my latest posts is

If you may have not seen, I have also started to allow testimonials. That means, that all the feedback I choose from my facebook-page, also will be visible in the testimonials tab in the menu. All of these testimonials can be located to the reviews on my Facebook page. When you add a review on my Facebook page that I like very much, I will republish it as a new testimonial on my website.


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Announcement! I think you have almost forgot my music, right? Soon, I will make all my music freeware to stream from my blog. The only thing I will have left in my store, is physical products. I hope you enjoy it! Good evening to all of you! 🙂