About me

My name is Love Eliasson and I was born in 1995 in Malmö in Sweden, where I lived with both my parents in my early life. Then we moved to the little village of Matteröd in the North of Skåne.

My parents seperated when I was three years old. My father returned to Malmö where I visited every other weekend. Otherwise I lived with my mother. Our economy was harch, until my mother found a new man to marry. They gave me two half brothers. My father also got a new family down in Malmö and they gave me another half brother.

I showed early signs of being different. My interest for drawing and painging began. In school I was a quite annoying and rowdy little kid. I used to feel alone because of this. Later I developed a stuttering problem which I still havn’t overcome. I got the diagnose Tourettes, but it was my new ADHD-diagnose that troubled me most back then. In older days I were also diagnosticed with Aspergers and most recently, Bipolar Disorder. All my time at junior high was troubled with conflicts and angry outbursts. During that time, I developed a high skill for drawing and I also started to write stories and books, mostly in the Fantasy genre.

In 2004 my family had already moved from Matteröd to Tyringe. My father ans his family moved from Malmö to Ystad. At high school I got a completely other experience. I was talented and enjoyed high school a lot. I was good at history, society and politics. 2015 I left high school with high grades and a stipendia.

Since then I’ve been working in differens places 2014 or 2015, my interest for music took form. I don’t play any instruments at all, but thanks to my father, who learned me everything about music, I create, compose, write and mix my own music in the computor. Mostly, it’s Hard Rock and Metal, but also some symphonic and orchestral music sometimes.

In 2018 I lived at a Bouring School where I studied at Östra Grevie’s People’s Collage. I enjoyed it and got several new friends, but it was in the middle of a hard time in my life. After that, I continued to work at different places and moved to my new appartment in Hässleholm, where I still live today. Now, I’m about to get a new job, hopefully.

Who knows what the future has to offer?

Any questions, criticism, ideas or something to report, please contact me here.

E-mail: eliassonlove@gmail.com

For economic support, please send money to this Swish-number

⁺46 723-196-108


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