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Aah! Memories!

Some days ago, I was looking through all my old drawings and scetches and found something very familiar. I had almost forgot it! Gods be praised I found it. Back in 2010, I started to gain interest for the Swedish spy and hero Raul Wallenberg, who saved 11 000 jews in Hungary during World War II. So I decided to do a comic book about Raul Wallenbergs adventures. I changed him a bit. I made him like a cool Indiana Jones kind of guy, with a knife formed as a banjo that he threw against the nazis. Rughly inspired by Tintin, Schindler’s List and Indiana Jones Raul Wallenberg was a quite ambigious work for my age. But as so many times before, I got tired of it and put it forward. Here you can see the drafts. Enjoy! Sorry for really crappy dialogue. I hadn’t really developed that conversation thing back then. This is probably most cringe for me, haha.


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